Friday, February 25, 2011

My Latest fashion obsession

So I wore this full below the knee skirt to go to church last Saturday and I was just so in love with how chic, beautiful, and classy this skirt looked on me along with the bright mustard blouse that I tucked in the skirt and  and the black waist belt that I had over it. I loved the look and it got me thinking, why don't I have more of this in my wardrobe!!.

So in light of the upcoming change in weather (Spring) I have decided that to my spring wardrobe, I MUST include some spectacular bold, beautiful pattern skirts that are going to be either full length or below the knee. I love that California not trying too hard but still looking chic look :-)
Till next time xoxo muahhhh


  1. I must say I'm loving the midi skirts as well. I just wore one on Saturday myself. They make you feel so ladylike!

    SN: Did I overlook a pic of you wearing your skirt? I didnt see it?


  2. Yes they do! And Chic

    I didn't happen to take a picture this time but next time I will for sure..

    Thanks for commenting on my blog

  3. I really love long skirt and knee length skirts right now they are so feminine. I am loving Jil Sanders play on bright long colored skirts this spring 2011 RW!

  4. Love this look. Got to hit a thrift store asap!

  5. @pretty haute
    Awesome..I would love to know if you find anything

    Thanks for commenting on my blog!